Payment Methods

Acceptable Payment Methods that you can use in conjunction with EDC Bid:

Google Pay

Apple Pay


Samsung Pay


Stripe (must contact EDC for approval)

Check/Money Order/Bank Check


The site will allow users to put all their accepted payment methods into the system. Those specifics will show up on the listing and the invoice the buyer gets in the email.

The buyer then can follow instructions provided in the email and provide expedient payment to whatever method the seller requested. The invoices will not get marked systematically as paid, so we will ask you to mark paid or we will do mass updates every two weeks on invoices.


How to Add Payment Provider Details to your Account

Go to My Account > My Account Home > Listing Preferences > Payment


This section will then appear


Payment Instructions is what will show on all your listings. This is where you would populate Accepted Forms of Payment


EXAMPLE: I accept Google Pay. My Google Pay email will be included on invoice . Please send payment promptly


Default Invoice Comment is what will show on your invoice to the buyer once they win your listings


EXAMPLE: Please send the final sale price to my Google Pay email: - THANKS!


Always check with the Terms of Service for each payment provider before proceeding. Each provider has their own rules and regulations on what is allowable and what isn't.