Grand Opening Giveaway

We are pleased to announce that we running a sweepstakes for our grand opening here at EDC Bid. To be eligible for the sweepstakes, you need to have created an account here in EDC Bid, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram. You have until the end of September to enter, we will do the drawing the first week of October. 

The prize will be a Microtech BLADE Show 2019 Special Ultratech Bayonet AUTO OTF with .999 1 oz. Silver Commemorative Challenge Coin 




We will frequently have promotions running throughout the year whether its the grand opening of the site, or conventions such as Blade. Before the beginning of each billing cycle, we will go in and make necessary adjustments for seller's listing fees.

  • No Fee Promo - This promotion will be the best opportunity to list your items on the site without incurring the 5% Seller fee or the $5 Lotto fee (see exceptions below).
    • Exceptions for this promo are the upgrade options (Featured, Bold, Sales Badge, Subtitle) which will still be billed at the beginning of the month. 
  • Reduced Fee Promo - This is when we will take a percentage off the listings fee's for a specific time frame. This generally takes place during major conventions such as Blade. 

Required Payment for Sellers + Verification

There is a reason why we request all sellers to enter their payment method in when listing an item, that reason is to prevent fraudulent accounts.

This community has had it's fair share of fraudulent users come and go over the years and it has taken its toll. By requiring a valid credit card for anyone who wants to list an item for sale, it will prevent a good amount of bad blood on the site. We understand the concerns, but we also want to make this site safe for our users. The payment is just for end of month site fees, nothing else. 

Until a more technical verification system is in place, we will also be manually reaching out to sellers for verification of accounts to ensure they have item as described. All verified sellers will be required to use our instant checkout (PayPal Goods & Services) for added protection to buyers.  This will be a manual process on our part until we get systematic approach. 


We will frequently have sweepstakes on the site. Each sweepstakes is different and we might do them for special occasions or just because we love this community. 

Just know your local/state/federal laws before entering our contests.

Please follow us on social media for news on sweepstakes:

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Makers Spotlight Series

The Makers Spotlight Series is going to be an ongoing and integral part of EDC Bid. We will be working directly with Makers to create custom knives that will only be available on EDC Bid and were made specifically for the site. We will be featuring the Maker on the front page and sending emails the day before to notify our subscribers that the item will become available. This is a free service for makers, we are not charging any fee's for these auctions. We just want to help build this community and allow users to experience a hassle free and transparent transaction. If you are a maker and are interested in getting a spot, please Contact Us


If you are a maker and do limited runs or exclusives, we are always looking to have EDC Bid Exclusives. Please Contact Us


Want Someone to sell products for you?

Are you a maker, vendor or dealer and looking for someone to sell your products from beginning to end. We have arrangements to do so, Please Contact Us.


Need to share your unique seller URL on Social Media?

Please use this format and replace 'YOURNAMEHERE' with your EDC Bid Login.