About Us

EDC Bid was created in 2019 by members of the EDC community to build a unified location for all makers and collectors to buy and sell items. As many social media platforms are becoming more and more restrictive with sales, we knew it was time for us to have a platform that is centered around our niche community, enter EDC Bid.

This project was in the making since 2018 and lots of time and effort was put in to make the site what it is today. We are constantly working on improving the site and adding features, so please don't hesitate on letting us know how we can improve the site. 

In short, we decided to get together and put our different strengths to get this site up and running so the community can continue to strive. 

EDC Bid is a category specific auction website built for enthusiasts of EDC items, custom knives, production knives, watches, materials for makers and even custom services.   We are concerned only with the individual and dedicated to joining quality buyers and sellers of all things EDC.  More importantly, EDC Bid is available to address members on a personal level.


We’re here for our community and that will never change.

Contact us anytime!

EDC Bid Team